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Shell Shocked in the Mushroom Kingdom

Posted in Wii with tags , on May 2, 2008 by gamewhisperer

A sad tale of victory from Mario Kart Wii

The battle had raged on for what seemed like an eternity but the most epic race of my life was nearing an end — and i was going to loose. It had been three exhausting laps of hair pins turns and he bested me at every one. I kept my pace and matched up with him at times but I had to accept it, I was beat and I couldn’t care less because this race was the best gaming experience I had had in years. But just as I came to this realization, from the back of the ranks a spiked blue turtle shell flew above my head, it’s path set straight for my worthy opponent who was about to claim his well deserved spot in first place. The shell crashed on his head and his little cart flew in the air as if in slow motion… it was my opening. I unleashed a burst of speed from a power slide I had been working into and drove right past him… I won… but I didn’t feel like I deserved it. My win had been tainted by a horrible problem which effects gamers across the world, I call it the “Blue Shell of Doom” — original right?

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