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The Kid is Back!!!

Posted in Wii with tags , on May 6, 2008 by gamewhisperer

Or at least I hope so

What’s Next For Pit?


     To say I’m a fan of Kid Icarus would be a horrible understatement, I am, in my mind the Kid’s biggest fan. But then again that’s the same thing every prepubescent girl screaming at the heals of Justin Timberlake would claim about said pop-star; so I guess such a claim doesn’t warrant much credibility.  But what I can definitely assure you is that there are few people as excited about all the talk of a new Kid Icarus game as I am. 

     Now as many “Nintendorks” like myself know, sites like have been teasing that Nintendo is already hard at work on a new Icarus title, a thought that I know has fans, like me, salivating for more info. Well, we may be in luck, because if the candor of the recent IGN Wii podcasts is any implication than in a little more than 2 months, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) we may see some new details on the game. But this brings to mind the question; what do I, as a major KI fan, want to see in the new game? Make the jump to find out.

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