Two Classic Game Franchises Finally Make Their Return to Nintendo Home Consoles

Castlevania and Mega Man coming to Nintendo’s little white box; one returning to form and the other…err…. not so much.

____Well it’s official, Nintendo Power has just confirmed that the recently discovered Mega Man 9 is indeed coming to Wii as a WiiWare download. What’s even better; the game is going to rock NES-esque graphics in the ultimate return to form for the long running series.

____Needless to say I could not be more psyched. I am not only a huge Mega Man fan, I am also someone who feels that the Blue Bomber was in serious need of a makeover and just like what all those flashy makeover shows on TV do to aging women, Capcom simply made Mega Man look like it’s younger self. This officially puts Capcom in the spot of my favorite 3rd party developer on Wii — as if Zack & Wiki wasn’t enough.

A screen shot from Mega Man 2, expect 9 to look the same

____However a developer thats not sitting comfortably on my good side right now is Konami, since their idea of a Wii Castlevania game has me saying WTF more than anything. They decided to take the action franchise we know and love and turn it into a 3D fighter featuring all of the staple characters; Simon Belmont, Dracula, Alucard… it’s like they pulled a reverse Namco Bandai, who turned a classic fighting franchise, Soul Caliber, into a mediocre action game.

____Upon hearing this news I was simply speechless… only managing to squeeze out a bewildered “really” when I could bring my lips to move. With all of the rumors surrounding the game I was getting really excited for a possible 3D “Metroidvania” as many fans were. Maybe even a 2D Castlevania on WiiWare… anything but what we are actually getting. For all I know though this could end up being a great game… but I don’t care, it’s not Castlevania and it for sure isn’t what I was looking forward to. I’m not one to fear change in a franchise, I remain skepticle with things like Banjo Kazooies new direction, but I still welcome the change in the end. I don’t ever see myself excepting this change simply because of the full genre switch happening, perhaps if I hadn’t gotten so excited about the possibilities I wouldn’t be so upset about the reality.


____The good news however; is that Konami is at least trying a game that will appeal to the hardcore gamer on Wii. So I actually hope it sells a million copies, maybe then they will be convinced that they can put a full “Metroidvania” on Wii. But until then I will only be able to utter one word to express my feelings on this game…


2 Responses to “Two Classic Game Franchises Finally Make Their Return to Nintendo Home Consoles”

  1. M: still up for making a slick logo for a former prof? If you can, I’ll send details by email.–BH

  2. gamewhisperer Says:

    For sure man, send me details by email. Sry it took so long to respond, been so busy I hardly get to do an update every now and then.

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