5 Underappreciated Wii Games, On the Cheap.

Tips for the Wii gamer on a budget

____So just about all of us are a little short for cash lately. With gas being over 4 bucks a gallon and the cost of pretty much everything going up, what’s the budget cautious gamer to do? Buy cheap Wii games, that’s what. The good thing, there are a lot of great Wii games out there that won’t cost you to much coin — primarily because they sold about 10 copies. Read on to find out more

5. MLB Power Pros

____Remember Konami’s cute, big headed, semi-limbless baseball players from the MLB Power Pros series? No, well I wouldn’t expect you to since most of the games have stayed firmly on home base in Japan. But many gamers missed out on a real gem of a sports game with MLB Power Pros for Wii. It had Text based RPG mode in which you raise a player up from college sports to the big leagues, as well as an excellent World Series mode in which you take on the rest of the world… er… Country to hopefully win the championships. The game play mechanics were very pick up and play, a basic targeting system was used for batting and pitching (With a classic controller mind you). So why did the game not hit a home run with consumers? probably because of the limited use of Waggle, if it featured gimmicky mini games and controls like Carnival Games it probably would have sold. I’m completely out of Baseball cliches So, if you are itching for a good sports game and can put up with the cutesy characters definitely pick this game up, it’s going for as cheap as $19.99 on Amazon.com.

4. Mercury Meltdown Revolution

____There’s something about marble rolling games that just keeps me hooked. Maybe it’s the relaxing atmosphere of it just being you, the marble, and a crazy labyrinth to guide it through, I don’t know, but what I do know is that ever since Marble Madness I have been hooked on these games. Mercury Meltdown takes the marble rolling genre a step further by giving you a gelatinous ball of liquid which you can manipulate through a series of laboratory inspired mazes. The puzzles in the game are intense, sometimes requiring you to split your ball in half in order to take on two different colors in order to activate two switches, or combine the two to make a mixed color. Meanwhile you have to keep your blob on the level, which can get pretty tough when it accidentally gets split up into ten pieces. The game gave a good couple of hours of gameplay, more if you went for the best times, and garnered some pretty favorable review scores. Best of all the original MSRP was only $19.99, at least Ignition Entertainment knows how to price a budget title.

3. Dewey’s Adventure

____This is probably the one that no one will agree with me on, because review scores were mediocre, But please here me out. Dewy’s Adventure is a great game, as long as you didn’t pay $50 for it. Essentially a combination of the marble rolling genre and a platformer, Dewy’s adventure put you in the role of a little water droplet named Dewy. Dewy must use his ability to change the climate of his environment to defeat the hordes of the evil Don Headron and save the world. The unlikely little hero can turn into a cloud of evaporated water and rain lighting down upon his foes, or he can turn to a sharp chunk of ice and plow through enemies. The camera is a bit awkward, coming in from a 3/4 view, but you get used to it. After working through the control oddities there really is a great game to be had in Dewy’s Adventure, the final boss battle is sufficiently epic and you really connect with dewy in that sappy, emotional kind a way. So if you’re up for a big dose of cute pick this game up, I saw it for $19.99 at Best Buy and Gamestop and it’s definitely worth that price.

2. No More Heroes

____This is the most expensive game on my countdown here, coming in at $28.99 from Amazon.com, but NMH is completely worth it. Wii gamers complaining about a lack of “Hardcore” games; if you didn’t pick this game up go redeem yourselves now and give it the respect it deserve by buying it… as a matter of fact buy 2 copies for being so late to the game. NMH is incredible. The style unrivaled and the fighting system immensely entertaining. I was a huge fan of Suda 51’s former masterpiece Killer 7, and though I still believe that game holds the crown for the most over the top game ever, NMH brings outstanding gameplay to the party as well. You take on the role of Travis Touchdown, out to claim the position of the #1 assassin in the world. The other assassins, which make up the games boss battles, range from school girls to Luchador inspired super heroes. It’s a must own Wii owners, you hear me A MUST OWN! This game should have sold many more copies than it did.

1. Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure

____Probably a victim of it’s own name, the most unappreciated game on Wii has to be Zack and Wiki from Capcom. Wii owners clamored for AAA titles that amounted to more than just lazy PS2 ports and Capcom delivered with this energetic, adventure-puzzle game, yet it still did very poorly in sales. This was all in spite of incredibly positive reviews, as well as decent online marketing from Capcom. But like I said before, the name didn’t sit well with consumers apparently and Z-dub quickly worked it’s way into gaming obscurity. It’s quite a shame too, because some of the best times I’ve had on my Wii has been with the tenacious little pirate Zack and his Golden Monkey friend. The puzzles were incredibly crafted; like virtual Rube Goldberg machines. You can tell a lot of work went into this title and it definitely deserves your cash, especially considering that it sells for around $20 in most stores where you can find it.

____So, think I missed a game, or that I’m dead wrong on one of my choices? feel free to let your thoughts be known in the comments section, I’m always looking for good deals on great games so any suggestions would be great!


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  2. Yeah you left one, it’s called hip to da hop.

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