Metroid on the big screen With Michael Bay Producing?

Probably not, but lets speculate just for the fun of it

Will we ever see Samus on the big screen? Lets hope

____As many die hard Metroid fans have probably heard, the rights to a Metroid feature film have been floating around for years. It seems reasonable enough, Metroid is a popular game franchise which features lots of high tech gadgets and creepy alien worlds, you know the kind of things that tend to sell tickets. But could a movie based off a game which relies on very little dialogs really be any good? Personally I think the answer is a resounding yes, but I have a feeling production companies being pitched the idea would be a bit more skeptical. Make the jump to get my opinion.

____So before I get started on the specific issue of Michael Bay being rumored to be the producer of said Metroid movie, lets talk about the idea of a Metroid movie. Now Metroid is an incredibly popular series; however it is possibly the least popular of Nintendo’s AAA classic franchises. Despite this it is also one of the most suited to make a successful movie as it is one of Nintendo’s most cinematic franchises, only bested by Zelda in my opinion. There are a lot of different things that make Metroid great, the eerie environments, the unrivaled adventurous scope, and the incredible gameplay mechanics which typically redefine or recreate a genre. But what makes it a good prospective movie as well as a great game?

____First off, Metroid is, as stated before, very cinematic. But what is interesting about Metroid is it remains cinematic with very little use of cut scenes. It wasn’t until the most recent entry in the series, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, that voice acting even took a significant role in the games. This cinematic feel most likely is the result of the strong feeling of desolation that comes from being on a remote planet with only the alien monsters to keep you company. But this also becomes the issue for its prospects as a movie. I think it would be incredible to have a movie in which the only human interaction occurring is that between the audience and the lone hero, but would this sit well with movie goers and critics? That is unfortunately a tough question.

____This may also become an issue for Mr. Bay, if he truly is producing the film, since anybody who has seen Transformers knows, he really likes to introduce a lot of new characters throughout a movie. Would he really want to take on having to establish a single character for the bulk of a movie with little use of voice work, since Samus would look a bit crazy talking to herself.

____The next thing which would make Metroid a good movie would sit a lot better with Mr. Bay however; There is a lot of opportunity for some truly stunning special effects. Imagine, a live action Samus curling up into her Morph ball or launching her electric grapple beam. It could be truly incredible, the kind of thing that popcorn munching movie goers will just eat up.

____Now the big question, does it even make sense that Michael Bay would take this on? I think the answer is yes, it seems to fit the style of movie he would go for. I worry however that he may not be able to really keep it true to the series since it is a movie in which character development will be first and foremost. I do believe with his vision regarding special effects he could do some amazing things with the visual side of the movie. Again though all of this is simply speculation, and considering it was years ago that we first heard about the project and we haven’t heard much at all about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing comes up still. Ultimately though if this does turn out to be true we can be thankful of one thing, it’s not being made by Uwe Boll.

*Just a quick update, I may have a Death Jr. Root of evil review up tomorrow, dependent on whether or not I finish the game, so check back in late tomorrow night, till then


2 Responses to “Metroid on the big screen With Michael Bay Producing?”

  1. Kirk Tha Murk Says:

    There has to be talking, so that the origins can be explained.

  2. gamewhisperer Says:

    Definitely there has to be some talking, of course, but I don’t think much of that would be going on when Samus is by herself. Maybe if they do flashbacks or something along that lines it would help, or possibly Samus speaking to Chozo or Space Pirates…. I guess we’ll have to wait and see

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