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Two Classic Game Franchises Finally Make Their Return to Nintendo Home Consoles

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Castlevania and Mega Man coming to Nintendo’s little white box; one returning to form and the other…err…. not so much.

____Well it’s official, Nintendo Power has just confirmed that the recently discovered Mega Man 9 is indeed coming to Wii as a WiiWare download. What’s even better; the game is going to rock NES-esque graphics in the ultimate return to form for the long running series.

____Needless to say I could not be more psyched. I am not only a huge Mega Man fan, I am also someone who feels that the Blue Bomber was in serious need of a makeover and just like what all those flashy makeover shows on TV do to aging women, Capcom simply made Mega Man look like it’s younger self. This officially puts Capcom in the spot of my favorite 3rd party developer on Wii — as if Zack & Wiki wasn’t enough.

A screen shot from Mega Man 2, expect 9 to look the same Continue reading


5 Underappreciated Wii Games, On the Cheap.

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Tips for the Wii gamer on a budget

____So just about all of us are a little short for cash lately. With gas being over 4 bucks a gallon and the cost of pretty much everything going up, what’s the budget cautious gamer to do? Buy cheap Wii games, that’s what. The good thing, there are a lot of great Wii games out there that won’t cost you to much coin — primarily because they sold about 10 copies. Read on to find out more Continue reading

Metroid on the big screen With Michael Bay Producing?

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Probably not, but lets speculate just for the fun of it

Will we ever see Samus on the big screen? Lets hope

____As many die hard Metroid fans have probably heard, the rights to a Metroid feature film have been floating around for years. It seems reasonable enough, Metroid is a popular game franchise which features lots of high tech gadgets and creepy alien worlds, you know the kind of things that tend to sell tickets. But could a movie based off a game which relies on very little dialogs really be any good? Personally I think the answer is a resounding yes, but I have a feeling production companies being pitched the idea would be a bit more skeptical. Make the jump to get my opinion. Continue reading