So Technology Hates Me

*Another Update: Good news everybody I’m back up and going. I’ve got a new computer and everything so we should be good from here on out. Check back in tomorrow night for a long awaited update, I will finally post my thoughts on the rumored Metroid movie and I may even have a review ready, I hope you check back in.

*Update: Well things haven’t gone quite as I planned, I can’t get the article I typed on my iPod to post through it, though this update seems to be working just fine… Maybe it has to do with the length of the post, I’m not sure. So it seems I’m going to be waiting a little longer to really get anymore posts coming, I’ve got a new computer on the way so, whenever it arrives I’ll be back up and going.

____I’ve had some unfortunate major meltdowns with my laptop lately so updates are going to be a little scarce for the next couple weeks. As of right now I’m typing this with my thumbs on my iPod… not exactly the most comfortable way to write, I must say. I managed to type out a whole post though so check in tonight when I weigh in on the rumors that Michael Bay has been selected as the producer of the nearly forgotten Metroid Movie.

Till Then



One Response to “So Technology Hates Me”

  1. Bryan H Says:

    ipod typing? :/ hey what about lunch next WED? Sent word by email, but it sounds like access is spotty. S and B are in.

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