Man We Had a Great Day!

It seems my Lost Winds review got pretty popular last night, because we had the best day traffic wise since the launch of the site. I just wanted to thank everybody that tuned in last night and today to look at the review, for helping in that accomplishment. Unfortunately no official update tonight, I just got off work (I went there at 9 a.m. and left just about an hour ago at 11 p.m.) so I’m a little to wiped, but I hope you’ll swing by tomorrow night, I’m going to do something a little more old school.

And on the topic of how well the review did yesterday, I’ve decided to try and do at least one review a week now. It seems everybody likes them and I like to write them so it’s a win win situation.

I hope everyone noticed that in commemoration of Lost Winds I added the lovable hero Toku to the banner, I think he makes a nice addition. Anyways I’ll catch up with all of you tomorrow.

Till Then,

The Game Whisperer


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