What a Nightmare Weekend!

Technical problems annoy Baby Bowser and the Game Whisperer

      Well to say that this weekend was a total bust for me would be a terrible understatement. I was really excited about getting my first weekend update up (I’ve been working on it for about a month) but it seems things didn’t want to work out. WordPress was apparently down on Saturday so I couldn’t get in to keep working on it and then yesterday some wicked storms cut through the mid-Atlantic (I live in Maryland) and completely blew out my power all yesterday. Go figure the one time I write an entry in wordpress instead of google docs. But oh well, no use crying over spilled milk. I’ll just have to save my post for next weekend, I unfortunately don’t have much time during the week to work on it. 

      On a bit of good news though I will have the Lost Winds review, as I promised on Friday, up tonight. So far I am having a blast with the game and initial impressions are very good. You’ll have to tune in later tonight to find out my verdict though. 

Till Then

The Game Whisperer


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