The Kid is Back!!!

Or at least I hope so

What’s Next For Pit?


     To say I’m a fan of Kid Icarus would be a horrible understatement, I am, in my mind the Kid’s biggest fan. But then again that’s the same thing every prepubescent girl screaming at the heals of Justin Timberlake would claim about said pop-star; so I guess such a claim doesn’t warrant much credibility.  But what I can definitely assure you is that there are few people as excited about all the talk of a new Kid Icarus game as I am. 

     Now as many “Nintendorks” like myself know, sites like have been teasing that Nintendo is already hard at work on a new Icarus title, a thought that I know has fans, like me, salivating for more info. Well, we may be in luck, because if the candor of the recent IGN Wii podcasts is any implication than in a little more than 2 months, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) we may see some new details on the game. But this brings to mind the question; what do I, as a major KI fan, want to see in the new game? Make the jump to find out.

1. It has to come out soon!!

     Now I’d like everybody to leave the room so I can speak to Nintendo alone about this one… ok… everybody gone? Good. So now that I have you alone, Nintendo, you got some explaining to do. You see you sadistic bastards have made me wait 17 years for the Kid to make a comeback already and I’m not about to wait 17 more years twiddling my thumbs for you guys to get your act together; So, you better confirm it at E3 and I better be playing it by fiscal years end or I may have to send you swimming with the Electroplankton, Kapische? Good glad we got that out of the way. Ok Everybody can come back now. 

2. Its gotta be Epic!!!

     Considering the wait we’ve all had to go through I don’t think it’s to much to ask of Nintendo to make the next entry in the series as absolutely long as possible, while not being pretentious and drawn out. In other words I want an epic adventure on the level of Twilight Princess, in the realms of 40 hrs. of gameplay. It’s not like it would be that hard either, it takes place in a mythological environment which grants nearly endless opportunities for story elements. Also if they play off a more advanced item collecting system than seen in the NES original than the possibly repetitive nature of the game would be significantly decreased. This could make it the game that appeases the “hardcore” Wii owner while Nintendo continues with their Wii strategy of the expanded market. 

     With that said I think the idea of an epic adventure brings up another issue; Who is going to develop it? And with that we go to # 3

3. It should be made by a western developer

     This is probably the one that I will catch the most flak for but I have to be honest, I want this game made by one of Nintendo’s western resources. My reason for this is that this game is going to hopefully cater to the “hardcore” and many of Nintendo’s internal japanese studios are hard at work on expanded audience games like Wii Fit and Wii Music. Pardon me, but I think a bit of that “interface friendliness” they have been working on in the East may slip into this game and that’s not necessarily the best thing for it.

     Now where I differ from a lot of people who make the same argument is that one of the last studios I want to handle this is Retro Studios. Don’t get me wrong it’s no disrespect to them, I love the Metroid Prime series, but I want them to focus on original content rather than doing another classic Nintendo revival. They have great art direction in their games and I want to see what they can do without the restrictions of a pre-established series. Instead I am actually quite happy with the rumors which imply that Factor 5 may be handling the game. Now, I know Lair sucked, but what we also know is that Factor 5 knows how to handle a Nintendo development environment. We can see this by looking at the Star Wars Rogue Squadron games. Not to mention the game is possibly going to have a lot to do with flight — something Factor 5 is great at. And who knows maybe with the guidance of Nintendo they will be able to make motion based flight controls that don’t suck.

4. Don’t take the “Kid” outta “Kid Icarus”

     Imagine, if you would, a world of radiant mythology. A land controlled by fierce gods and those who seek vengeance against them. One man, once trusted by the gods, turns against them and aspires to destroy them. Sound cool, well it should Because It’s the premise for God of War. This is exactly what I don’t want to happen to Kid Icarus. Now I’m not oppose to the story taking a darker turn, again much like Twilight Princess, but I think Pit should remain faithful to the “Kid” in the games title. The Smash Bros. Model for him, I believe, is a great example of the direction they should take with Pit. He’s not a puny little kid, who would be easily mistaken for Cupid, but at the same time he’s not some blood thirsty grown man pulling the wings off of Harpy’s. And besides isn’t his Bow/ dual wielding swords just kick ass!!

A fan made interpretation of “Adult” Pit

5. Keep ’em Coming!

     My final request to Nintendo when it comes to Kid Icarus is that they don’t let the series die again. Now this is not only a request to Nintendo but also a plea to Wii owners everywhere. We let Kid Icarus die out once, and we shouldn’t let it happen again. This series has a lot of potential, which was never given a chance to truly flourish and I think it would be a crime for Wii owners, who constantly complain about a lack of “hardcore” games mind you, to pass up an opportunity to help a great series make a comeback. So if The Big N does give us a new Kid Icarus, you can expect me to be there day one ready to start filling some Eggplant Wizards up with arrows, I hope to see you there.



6 Responses to “The Kid is Back!!!”

  1. You are totally right,
    kid icarus should never ever die out,

  2. Indeed. Kid Icarus needs a game for the Wii, especially if they’re going to use Pit’s exact same character design from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. :3 Hey, I’d definitely buy it!

  3. I never played a Kid Icarus game, but If they were to make one for the Wii, I would definitely buy one!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    ive never played kid icarus before but pit is by far the best supersmashbros character, i need to find his game.

  5. I totally agree with you! Nintendo NEEDS to make another game of Kid Icarus!

  6. i played kid icarus for nes. it is SO FUN!!!! bye at flea market

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