Hey this is Mike Cramer, or as I am calling myself on this blog ” The Game Whisperer”.

I just wanted to tell you what you can expect from this blog, aside from a corny Cesar Millan reference. I am a journalism student/ intern reporter/ Video game enthusiast who is finally branching off into the wild and wonderful world of blogging. Through this blog I will try to get into the head of the creators of electronic games by analyzing certain aspects of todays most popular video games. 

I know what your thinking, “Who cares?” right? Well I get that, but I’m out to be an acceptable alternative to big budget editorials from the world of gaming journalism, a voice for the regular gamer, if you will. 

If you care enough to listen check in every weeknight, i’ll try to have a new update everyday during the week and one update on weekends. Weekend updates will be… how shall I say — special, to say the least. Expect those Saturday or Sunday night.

Finally I just wanted to aknowledge that for the first week or two, this blog will look very plain. I’m not to up on HTML so I’m going to be training myself. Hopefully I’ll be able to give the site some character in a little while. Right now all I’ve got is my cheesy, automatically generated banner but I promise that’s going to change.

anyways, thanks for reading and enjoy.

yours truley

The Game Whisperer 


3 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. MC:

    Will check in. Be sure to do some old school titles every now and then…

    Prof. BH

  2. gamewhisperer Says:

    No worries, I completely intend on doing some old school stuff.

    Hopefully I can start generating some traffic soon, I’m getting on that this weekend hopefully 🙂

  3. Post links via DIGG. That’s always good for a boost.

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